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Leading SEO Company in Pune | Hexanovate - Boost Your Online Presence
  • Thu Oct 05 2023
  • 5 mins read
SEO Company in Pune

Hello, Punekars!

Do you want to rank your website higher with the help of the best SEO company in Pune? Then this blog will take you to them.

But before you start your search, let’s first understand, with an example, how to choose the right SEO agency in Pune that can work specifically for your brand. How to choose the best SEO team for your business?

Answer this, What is the best cafe for Misel Pav in Pune?

Now, many food cafes sell Pune’s best Misal, but whenever you plan to have a Misel, you wish to eat at Katakirr, Jogeshwari, Thorat Barbeque, etc.

Why do you choose their service? Because of their taste, style of service, ambiance, etc. It’s the whole experience of the service.

Similarly, when you seek good SEO services in Pune for your brand, examine the company’s entire process.

The team needs to have an in-depth understanding of the business, the algorithm, and the audience to bring significant results through SEO.

Hexanovate is one such agency in Pune that is more than just a service provider. It’s your marketing partner. From giving industry insights to helping you craft your positioning, we do it all.

Founded by a team of Business enthusiasts and IIT alums having experience and expertise in digital marketing domains.

The team of IITians and other marketing enthusiasts work hard to help clients market their products and services to the ideal customer base in Pune and across India.

Process of Search Engine Optimization

Website Audit

Here, the SEO expert looks at every element of your website that can impact SEO performance.

The goal is to understand everything on your website that needs fixing to rank higher in organic searches.

On-page Optimisation

The website, after the audit, is optimized for technical SEO, such as index status, internal links, sitemaps, page speed, redirects, and everything else that is required.

The goal is to increase speed and functionality and improve user experience, such as easy navigation.

Keyword Optimisation

Business understanding, audience research, and advanced SEO tools are used to find your business keywords and related queries your ideal customers might be searching for.

The goal is to optimize your content around high-value keywords that will take you in front of your ideal customers when they need you the most.

Content strategy and writing

This step includes adding foundational content around your business keywords, FAQs, and other blogs relevant to your main keywords keeping in mind the tone of your business.

The goal is to write content that user finds highly valuable and engaging without neglecting core SEO updates.

Off-page Optimization

Your website is marketed through social media channels. Further quality backlinks and domain-authoritative guest blog opportunities are searched for.

The goal is to make your website more trustworthy and authoritative in front of search engines.

More or less, most top SEO agencies in Pune follow the above-mentioned steps in their SEO process. Is Hexanovate’s SEO Service any different? Yes, it is!

There is no restriction on the number of keywords that we shall target for your business.

We focus on creating engaging yet technically smart content that attracts both the user and the search engine.

Our experts optimize your website for a rich user experience that directly increases brand awareness and helps achieve your business targets through SEO.

We have a keen eye on Google Core Updates. Highly focused on following their guidelines and understanding users to rank higher.

The content we publish on the website is strategically funneled to take users from the awareness stage to conversion.

We focus on creating not quantity but quality backlinks that help tremendously in building long-lasting authority.

Now we present some of Pune's top SEO companies that you can work with for your business.

Best SEO Companies in Pune


  • Started in 2011 by Nishant Kondvikar, Skovian Ventures is an online marketing and web development company in Pune.
  • With clients of various sizes across the globe, the team is dedicated to presenting the best service and finest results.
  • Services offered
    • SEO Strategy
    • On-page optimization
    • Off-page
    • Technical Optimization
    • Comprehensive keyword research
    • SEO Audit


  • Established in 2015 by two founders, Nitesh and Rashmi, Saltify is a digital branding and marketing agency in Pune providing various services.
  • Saltify offers you the best in online marketing services by helping you execute your goals, making you more agile, competitive, and profitable.
  • Services offered
    • Keywords Analysis
    • SEO Strategy
    • Website architecture and design optimization
    • Content strategy and Optimisation
    • Unique infographic creation

OMX Technology

  • Initiated by Mr. Mukund Awsarmal in 2013, OMX Technology offers an extensive range of digital marketing services. It has served 750+ clients by offering international standard quality SEO solutions.

  • Services offered

    • Organic SEO
    • Link Building
    • PPC Management
    • SEO Audit
    • Reputation Management
    • Generating website traffic

SRV Media

  • Founded by Dr. Vikram Kumar and Rohit Prasad in 2011, SRV Media works with a vision to craft amazing brands through storytelling and innovative digital technologies.
  • One of the finest digital marketing agencies working hard to benefit business growth.
  • Services offered
    • Keyword research
    • Content strategy and creation
    • On-page optimization
    • Off-page optimization
    • Optimising and maintaining results.

Aarna Systems

  • Helping IT businesses globally since 2010, Aarna Systems is committed to rendering quality and expert services in Pune.

  • Experienced team of certified professionals with proven work experience in various domains and industries.

  • Services offered

    • Keyword research
    • SEO Strategy
    • On-page optimization
    • Off-page optimization
    • Social media promotions
    • Blog writing

Dimakh Consultants

  • Another leading SEO and digital marketing services company in Pune offers a comprehensive list of services to meet all your web design and development needs.
  • The gamut of services also includes SEO, Internet marketing, and website maintenance.
  • Services offered
    • Keyword and search analysis
    • SEO content strategy
    • Mobile-friendly SEO plan
    • Keyword analysis
    • Conversion tracking
    • Google my business

SEO is a long-term commitment but with the right strategy, customer research, and Google's core updates implementation, your visibility can be boosted tremendously.

We are a team of SEO experts here in the heart of Pune to bring sure results for you.

Choosing the right Misal pav restaurant can make you feel full and satisfied, the same is the case with choosing Hexanovate for your SEO services.

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